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Patrol Division

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The Crawford County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division responds day and night to keep you and your families safe. As the most visible division of the Crawford County Sheriff's Office, we strive for excellence in every facet of our job duties. We are responsible for covering 744 square miles of territory. We currently employ 11 deputies in the patrol division, which consists of two patrol Sergeants/K9 Handlers, and nine patrol deputies. Those 11 deputies have the task of responding to calls for service, both emergency calls and non-emergency calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Deputies also assist local law enforcement agencies and surrounding areas.

In 2023, our office responded to and assisted on 14,219 calls for service. We do our best to provide the most efficient and timely response to those calls for service. We believe that every call we respond to is very important and are determined to provide the most professional service.

The Crawford County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division is headed by Lt. Brad Brooks.


Lt. Brad Brooks

Lt. Brad Brooks



A Squad Deputies

Sergeant Jeremy Paton, Deputy Nick Holtz, Deputy Josh Traxel, and Deputy Ben Sargeant


B Squad Deputies

Sergeant Ben Lunyou, Deputy Devan Baker, Deputy Justin McKinney, Deputy Kathen Hanson and Deputy Josh Smith