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Civil Process

Chrissy Hutson-Civil Clerk

The Crawford County Sheriff's Office works with the ALL Court systems as well as area attorneys to facilitate a timely and effective service of all types of civil process. Deputies also coordinate enforcement process with requesting parties and or attorneys. They also serve all civil process while maintaining a professional and impartial position between all of the parties involved. 

Below is a list of civil process types as well as the fees associated with their service and mileage costs;


Effective January 1, 2024

TYPE Fee Mileage Cost
Summons $30.00 $.670/mile
Executions/Garnishments $30.00 $.670/mile
Order to Show Cause $30.00 $.670/mile
Notice to Respondent $30.00 $.670/mile
Subpoena $20.00 $.670/mile
Order of Protection Free Free


Location Miles Cost Location Miles Cost
Berryman 40 $26.80 Salem 36 $23.58
Bourbon 40 $26.80 Steelville City Limits 0 $0.00
Cherryville 22 $14.74 Steelville 10 $6.70
Cook Station 32 $21.44 St. James 30 $20.10
Cuba 20 $13.40 Sullivan 50 $32.75
Davisville 35 $23.45 Viburnum 46 $30.82
Dillard 50 $33.50 Wesco 20 $13.40
Leasburg 32 $21.44      
Owensville 36 $23.58      

All Civil Process is handled by Law Enforcement Clerk, Mrs. Chrissi Hutson.  She can be contacted by calling 573-775-2125, ext. 8501. Monday through Thursday from 07:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., excluding holidays.  Written correspondence can be mailed to Civil Process at P.O. Box BE, Steelville, Mo. 65565 or emailed to Chrissie Hutson.



When there are two or more papers at the same address with the same case number, there will only be one mileage fee.

Payments must be made in the form of check or money order.